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2023 U-11 Open Singles New Century Table Tennis Championships
Registration Form

Registration: 17 Oct 2023 -17 Nov 2023 (12pm)

PayNow QR code - PayLah / PayAnyone

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Registration Fee $15

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the particulars given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I have read the rules and regulations and agreed to abide by them. I understand that the registration form will be discarded without prior notification given if the information provided is found to be incomplete /incorrect, or if payment is not settled before the closing date. INDEMNITY In this declaration, I hereby agree that I will not hold New Century Table Tennis Academy and their appointed staff or officials responsible or liable in any way for any mishaps, injuries, loss of life, loss of or damage to any property howsoever arising out of or in the course of or in connection with the above activities; and I shall indemnify the above mentioned organisers and their appointed staff and officials from and against any actions, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, cost and expenses which may be brought by or asserted against them by any person in connection with the same.

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