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Competition Module
(Intermediate & A
dvanced Players)


Regular weekly exposure to a healthy competition environment. Module includes a motivational point reward system for all participants.

Competition gives us extra motivation to do our best. We pursue excellence when we compete. Taking part in competitions and seeing improvement helps young athlete to understand that with hard work, often comes results.

Lesson Time

Every Sunday

1630-1730hr (1hr)


9-sessions per term


FAQ [Adults Group Training]

1. Can I still enrol in the competition module if the sessions have started? How will the training fees be computed?

There are no restrictions to our entry point, you may enrol in our competition module at any juncture.

We will pro-rate the charges according to the remaining number of sessions for the term.

2. Can I enrol for random competition sessions if I am uncertain that I am able to commit to a  package?

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, is then not an act, but a habit."


At New Century, we strongly believe in playing consistently to achieve the best outcome.

We are determined to bring out the best in every participant, hence we discouraged randomized participation.


However we understand that committed training may occasionally be disrupted by physical discomfort or important responsibilities.


If random training sessions are your preferred option, our fees per 1-hr competition session: $45

3. Will I be eligible for a replacement session if I've missed a scheduled session?

We apologize that we do not provide replacement sessions for missed sessions in the competition module. 

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