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Group Lessons 

Children 5-12 years old
Youth 13-16 years old

Guaranteed optimal coach-students ratio for quality attention 

Perfect choice to learn & improve your skills

in a dynamic, fun environment



  • Exploratory phase

  • Players are introduced to the correct sequence of movements of all the basic skills

  • Emphasis is on fun and engagement in physical activity, not competition

  • Healthy activity and play stimulate development of their physical coordination and gross motor skills


  • Players to concentrate on more detailed aspects of the various skills and tactics required

  • Empower players with athletic capacities - technical, tactical, physical and mental


2-hr weekly programme [1-hr training programme + 1-hr competitive play]

  • This two-hour training program encompasses skill practice, structured training routines, and competitive play

  • Athletes refine techniques, engage in targeted workouts to boost endurance and speed, and conclude with spirited game scenarios

  • A dynamic session that sharpens skills, fosters teamwork, and cultivates a competitive edge

1-hr weekly competition module [competitive play]

  • This one-hour program is tailored for individuals with competition experience seeking regular match opportunities

  • Designed for those consistently training, it revolves around competitive gameplay sessions with fellow athletes

  • Coaches oversee the matches, offering valuable insights and guidance to enhance strategies and skills during the games

  •  It's an intense, focused session that provides a platform for honing skills through real-time competition, catering specifically to those seeking for regular competitive experiences.



Group lesson time [Beginner_Int].png


Group lesson time [Adv].png


[Siblings enjoy a 5% discount ]

Children/Youth Group Lessons

Perfect for children and youth, our sessions cater to a wide range of skill levels. Our program offers a dynamic and engaging environment where participants develop their skills while enjoying the thrill of the game. 

9-sessions per term


2-hr lesson

once a week

Children/Youth Competition Module

Suitable for advanced players with competition experience seeking regular match opportunities

9-sessions per term


1-hr competitive play

once a week



FAQ [Children/Youth Group Training]

1. What is your average class size during group training?

The class size varies at different training sessions, it typically average from 5 participants

and kept at a maximum of 30 participants.


It is our priority to maintain a optimal 1 coach to a maximum of 3 beginners; 1 coach to a maximum of

4 intermediate players.


This is to give each participant sufficient attention and achieve the best learning outcome.

2. Can I still enrol in the group training if the sessions have started? How will the training fees be computed?

There are no restrictions to our entry point, you may enrol in our group training at any juncture.

Our coaches are experienced and nurturing, they are able to cater to individual learning needs in a group setting.


We will pro-rate the charges according to the remaining number of sessions for the term.

3. Can I enrol for random training sessions if I am uncertain that my child is able to commit to a training package?

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, is then not an act, but a habit."


At New Century, we strongly believe in training consistently to achieve the best outcome.

We are determined to bring out the best in every participant, hence we discouraged randomized training.

However we understand that committed training may occasionally be disrupted by physical discomfort or important responsibilities, we are flexible to offer replacement lessons within the same term.


If random training sessions are your preferred option, our training fees per 2-hr training session: $110

4. Will I be eligible for a replacement lesson if I've missed a scheduled lesson?

To be eligible for replacement session, prior notice of non-attendance must be provided at least one day in advance.

Same day notification of absence will require a medical certificate to qualify for replacement session arrangement.

Same day cancellation/postponement of lesson without presenting a medical certificate will be considered as lesson credit forfeited.

Strictly no rescheduling of replacement session is allowed. If you have confirmed a replacement session slot, the make-up credit is considered utilized.

Replacement session must be arranged within the same term and subject to availability

Any outstanding replacement session(s) by the end of the term will be considered forfeited. There will be no refund and no extension of replacement period.

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