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Sale of Table-Tennis Accessories

Our expanded and revamped retail section
bringing you a wider variety of table tennis accessories

For purchases of Table-Tennis racket, complimentary assembly service is provided.

ActiveSG provides tips on how to select a Table-Tennis racket 

Featured  products
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LOKI RXTON Racket Set (cover included) 

A sturdy and economical choice for players who are beginning to venture into regular and serious training.

ALL+ speed and good control make this perfect for the up-and-coming table tennis player learning the fundamentals.




TSP Hino-Carbon Power Pen grip

The two Carbon layers give the blade the power needed for a dynamical, offensive game. This blade, with a weight of 85g, can be classified to the lighter Carbon blades.





XIOM Bolero

XIOM bolero blade has a estimated thickness of 5.8mm and weight of 88g.

With the ply of 5 pure wood & 2 aromatic fiber, it is suitable for fast attack with loop.


Copy of 20210616_114804.jpg

DHS Hurricane Ma Long 5X

The Hurricane Long 5x is an incremental upgrade. Thanks to the thicker core, this blade is slightly faster, bouncier, but has less control than the previous version, the Hurricane Long 5, and the handle is slightly thicker as well. The large sweet spot delivers consistent hits throughout the playing surface. This is not a blade for beginners. 





DARKER Speed 90

Made in Japan and approved by the Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA). This single-ply blade is made from the best grain of Hinoki Cypress trees. The craftsmanship is second to none. Very unique and of limited quantity, Japanese Kiso Hinoki wood is understandably prized. Only Darker has access to this type of wood.

Thanks to this, Darker has been able to engineer a very dynamic blade, feeling slow on soft shots and fast and powerful on hard hits. The precisely calculated thickness gives it a lot of stability, with a large sweet-spot and soft vibrations. 




XIOM Vega Pro

5 Wood Ply + 2 Composite (Zephylium & X-Carbon). Zephylium is 1k different from typical Carbon, as many uses 6k and 3k in thickness while X-Carbon is 1k. Xiom have used these compositions to lower the weight and also to increase the feeling of the blade.The blade comes with the T-foil attached, in order to reuse them for maintenance of rubber and blade. 



TIBHAR Shang Kun Hybrid AC

The Hybrid AC fibers placed directly on the inner veneer provide the necessary stability with almost unlimited variability. The ball contact is more intensive and also longer. This opens up more possibilities and is therefore ideal for the flexible attacking player.



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