Competition Module

     For Intermediate & Advanced Players

Children & Youth

  • Regular weekly exposure to a healthy competition environment

  • Module includes a motivational point reward system for all participants

Benefits of Competition
  • Competition gives us extra motivation to do our best. We pursue excellence when we compete.

  • Not every young athlete will have the same level of talent, but every athlete can be praised for his/her work and effort.

  • Reward for dedicated training and practice. Taking part in competitions and seeing improvement helps young athlete to understand that with hard work, often comes results.

Lesson Information
  • 1-hr per session

  • 10-competition sessions per term

Available Time 
  • Sundays: 5pm-6pm

  • Payment by single session: $35

  • 10-competition sessions per term: $260

FAQ (Competition Module)

Sessions have started, can I still enrol?

  • There are no restrictions to our entry point. 

  • We will pro-rate the charges according to the remaining number of sessions for the term.

Policy for missed sessions

  • We apologize that we do not provide replacement sessions for missed sessions in the competition module

Fees Payment

  • Upon confirmation, please make a payment before or latest on the first session that you are participating.